We are Trevor, Margaret, Kevin and Rebecca


We live in Surrey in the United Kingdom. We are south west of London, and takes about 40 minutes drive to get to outer London. The nearest big towns/cities near us are Camberley, Guildford (to the east) and Reading (to the north west.) Sandhurst Military Academy is only about 5 minutes drive from us.

We have lived in our present house for the last 13 years and are very happy in this area.  Everything we need is within easy walking distance and it does not take long for us to get to any big shops or shopping centres.

Kevin and Rebecca go to a school which is very near, only about 20 minutes walk for them or 10 minutes on their bikes.  The doctors surgery and the local newsagent are also about 10 minutes walk away.   Trevor works at one of London's airports for an airline, and I work part time in a supermarket as well as run my own business from home.